Bluesmart Smart Carry-On Review

The BlueSmart One- Smart Luggage Review

The BlueSmart One – Smart Luggage is the future of the luggage industry. It boasts of features that can rarely be found in any ordinary pieces of luggage that are usually out in the market today. People who have a tendency of losing or misplacing their luggage wouldn’t have to worry anymore because the Blue Smart comes with a built-in 3G and GPS tracking system.

With the help of its built-in 10000 mah charging port, this model will make sure that users are connected to their gadgets and devices for the most of their journey. For up to six times, you can comfortably charge your tablet or smartphone on the same piece of bag that you put all your things into. On my first flight to Japan, the whole trip lasted for approximately 6-7 hours including immigration and all the other stuff that had to be done. Thanks to the BlueSmart One Smart Luggage, my iPad and smartphone were fully functional for the entirety of my travel.

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We all know that airlines are usually strict when it comes to the weight of your baggage. Any excess weight you put on that luggage can mean either having to leave it behind or having to pay an extra sum of money for additional weight. 15 seconds into holding the luggage from the handle, the app will be able to determine how heavy all the contents of it are. The BlueSmart luggage will make sure that users are aware of how heavy is the bag they’re bringing before even leaving the comforts of their home thus avoiding any unwanted hassles.


Have you forgotten to put something in your luggage at the last minute? Do you want to quickly just get something from the inside of your baggage only to stumble upon difficult ways to manually unlock your bag? Worry no more. The BlueSmart luggage can be opened through your phone via Bluetooth. If push comes to call and your phone and luggage get separated from each other, a proximity alert will pop up on your phone, and the luggage will automatically lock itself up.


• The BlueSmart luggage incorporates a 10000 mah rechargeable battery that is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

• This luggage contains a four wheel Hard Shell Spinner for more efficiency.

• An application that is compatible iOS and Android phones. It also includes an Apple smartwatch app based from their respective site.

• A zippered compartment on the main part of the bag for clothes, shoes, etc. And a secondary compartment for holding a 15-inch laptop and other possible gadgets

• BLE, 3G, GPS Connectivity (Global coverage provided in partnership with Telefonica)

• Total weight of 9.4lbs or 4.26 kgs that are consisted of aluminum and polycarbonate materials

• 22″ x 14″ x 9″ overall diameter that will usually fit in most cabins of airlines and can be considered by most airlines as a carry-on.

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1. I adore this case yet it is a bit on the little side. I needed to take a moment lightweight suitcase. Additionally, there is no chance to get in the application to rename the bearer if you needed. The battery charging port is not as cozy as I would have like the battery passed on my path home amid flight cause I didn’t charge it appropriately do to the charging wire dropping out a couple of times. Over whatever I loved the case wheels super smooth through the air terminal. Charged my telephone from 40% to 100% in a matter of seconds by any means. Cherished you’re abandoning me warnings it sends when deserting. Easy to get my MacBook out to get checked. This pack is for the two-day voyager less a 3 or more days

2. I traveled each couple of weeks for work and required a decent quality portable that can hold my tablet. I battle to keep the greater part of my different gadgets charged since I’m continually taking a shot at the go, so a sack with a charger appeared like an awesome settle. I’m likewise a planner, so the look of it was essential to me. The Bluesmart pack meets those prerequisites. It’s unquestionably littler than my past go ahead (see the photograph), yet I was utilizing that one for weeklong treks and a couple of carriers made me check it when it was completely stacked. In this way, I was searching for something that I knew would meet the greater part of the confinements. The Bluesmart does, and it appears to work truly well for a shorter 2-3 night spell. I believe it’s ideal to keep things light and productive so I can get in and out of the air terminal as quick as could be allowed. I was likewise super amped up for the implicit scale include. It is by all accounts somewhat conflicting with its readings up until this point. However it’s not very huge of an issue since the bag is littler and hard to overpack, soI haven’t gone over any weight limits. I’m trusting they get that dialed in and discharge a checked sack form also! By and large, I’m super content with it. Unquestionably a stage up as far as shape and capacity from what I was utilizing some time recently.

3. Great little bag. Made of solid plastic. I anticipated that it would be made of something more grounded or possibly something that looks more grounded than hard plastic. The network is awesome – no issues there. Useful for overnight or possibly a 2-night trip for women. I would not utilize it for more garments than that for a lady. For men – it would be extraordinary for a 3-night trip if they know how to pack well. It is little however successful.

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In summary, the Cuisinart CBT-1000 PowerEdge can handle most problems that an occasional or even regular traveler encounters. It has a unique design due to the huge front pocket that most pieces of luggage do not offer. A charging port inside of your very luggage can save you a lot of hassle as well. One of its best features is the built-in GPS that usually compels people to purchase this luggage out of fear of losing their baggage due to a possible faulty airline crew. Without a doubt, the BlueSmart stands up to its mantra as a “Smart Luggage” for travelers.