Raden A22 Carry-On Luggage Review

If you are on the lookout for a great lugging aid for carrying your belongings on a trip, then it quite likely that you will find quite a few things useful in this article. We will have a look at the much talked about Raden – Carry On Luggage. It certainly is feature rich and comes with some of the most modern and time-tested features. It certainly will be a great company while traveling and it is quite spacious and come with some amazing built in features. It is a product which comes from the house of Raden, who certainly have a lot of experience and expertise as far as manufacturing and marketing of quality luggage and suitcase solutions are concerned. Hence it would be interesting to learn more about the various special points. This will certainly help customers to make the right choice based on the factual and correct information.

Made Of Quality Material

There is no doubt that when it comes to choosing the right lugging choice, the material from which it is made is of big significance. There are reasons to believe that this luggage suitcase scores quite heavily on this count. It is made from the best quality polycarbonate material. This is a time tested, proven and highly tough and durable material. Apart from being extremely tough and stubborn, polycarbonate is also known for its light weight. Further, Raden has been able to use polycarbonate to the best effect by shaping it perfectly and creating a suitcase that has the best of aesthetics and looks built into it.

It Is A Perfect Mix Of Durability And Beauty

There are many customer reviews which have talked about the perfect balance between looks, toughness, and durability. They have in particular been able to give the best of sleek wheel aboard features. These include four high-quality silent spinner wheels and an integrated TSA lock. Further, it also comes with a proven and tough flush waterproof zipper which is known to last for quite a long period. It also comes with a unique and highly powerful 7800 MAH integrated portable power bank. This also has two external USB ports which are quite useful in charging devices whole you are on the go.

Weight Sending Handle

If you wish to know about the overall weight that you are carrying in this luggage, you certainly will find it extremely useful. It comes with a unique weight sensing handle. This allows you to know about the weight of the bag just by lifting it. It can also be integrated with the famous Raden app. This is extremely useful because it helps the owners of the bags to track the bag. This is done using high-quality Bluetooth Low Energy Technology.

Dimensions And Weight

It weighs around 11.9 pounds which are quite light considering the toughness and durability it comes packed with. This is basically because of the world’s best quality materials and technology that have been put to use. It has a dimension of 9 x 14 x 22 inches and therefore is quite sufficient for an individual who could be on a reasonably long tour.

Some More Important Features And Specifications

It comes in different colors such as Black Matte, White, Light Blue, Hunter Navy, Light Purple and Light Pink. It also has a compact removable battery which powers the entire electronic devices. The USB ports are located conveniently underneath the handle. The zippered interior compartment is also something which makes it suitable for keeping different types of luggage quite securely and safely. The companion app technology is something that is unique Raden – Carry On luggage…

What Do Customers Have To Say About It

At the end of the day, there is no doubt that the proof of the pudding is in eating. If one goes by the various customer reviews, there are a quite a few things which stand out. It has some positive reviews from a customer across different spectrums. It would be pertinent to mention here that more than 50% of customers have given thumbs up to the suitcase with a rating of 4 star and five stars. This is no mean achievement, and this has been possible because of a few positive things which the customers feel about this product.

Durability, sleek design, toughness and the best of a high-tech electronic facility built into it are perhaps the biggest takeaway as far as customers are concerned. It has a special technology which helps it to bend and breath, but it will very rarely break. The high-quality wheels again are something which has caught the attention of scores of customers. Customers believe that the wheels are designed to glide effortlessly across airports, railway stations, bus stations and other such places. It also is one of the few suitcases which easily glides across carpets and other difficult to move surfaces.

Over all the customer reviews and feedback are quite positive. However, it would be pertinent to mention here that there are a few customers who are seemingly not very happy with the fact that it scratches quite easily. This is something which has caught the attention of the manufacturers, and it is believed that the problem will be addressed sooner than later. The customers, in general, are of the opinion that it is a product which comes with all attributes that offer it one of the best value for money when compared to similar brands and models available in the market.


In fine when one takes into account the various features, specifications, pros and cons and most importantly customer feedbacks, there are a few important things which stand out. It is made from the finest of polycarbonate materials, and the best of technology has been used to mold it into one-piece luggage. The smooth wheels, the ability to find out the weight of the luggage, its ability to be tracked using a high-tech blue tooth enabled GPS technology and the different colors in which it is available are all liked by most of the customers. To sum it up it is a product that can be considered as one of the best suitcases in the market today for the price at which it is being made available.